About Us

The idea behind BuildingLots4You.com is to bring an effective "Web 2.0" web design to the sometimes complicated task of searching for developments in a given area. BuildingLots4You.com makes it easy to search for developments near a given zip code and contact the seller of each lot to inform them of your interest.

How to Use This Site

Our aim is to make this site as easy to use as we possibly can. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the usability of this site please use our contact form by clicking here.

Here's how a typical user would browse our site:
  1. On the home page, enter a zip code near where you'd like to search for developments.
  2. A results page will load, displaying a list of developments with vital information for each. Click on the development name or the "more info" button to see the available lots in that development.
  3. The development details page will load. On the left side is a "browse lots" menu that will display all the available lots in the development listed in a convenient collapsable menu, designed to reduce page scrolling. Each lot selection gives you the ability to contact the seller by submitting a small form. The owner of the lot will receive an email message informing them of your interest.